Weekend Warrior 11/15/2013

weekend warrior copy

From Michelle Naka Pierce’s Writers in Community course:

Prompt by Hannah Kezema, MFA candidate at Jack Kerouac School.

Reflect on an experience and attempt to categorize it in sections, chapters, or however you wish to interpret. Consider periphery when creating these categories; think about sensory details, voices, environmental factors, references, or any abstract element you associate with said experience. Walk around the experience in your writing. Once you have your lay-out, speak to each category from a different point of view and/or style. Don’t think about how cohesive your piece will be as a whole, but try to focus on each category and the result will be a kind of patchwork or collage. And when this collage is created, experiment with the placement of the text and aesthetic of the words on the page. The idea is that you will view your experience from various new perspectives and then be able to visually see their differences.

Happy Writing!