Weekend Update 12/6/2013

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Friday, December 6th, 2013

Creative Writing Reading Series at CU-Boulder: Travis Nichols

Adrian Sobol, CU MFA Candidate, will give a brief reading and introduction. Travis Nichols is the author of two books of poetry and two novels: Off We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder (2012) and The More You Ignore Me (2013). He has contributed to The Believer, Paste, The Stranger, and the Huffington Post, and his work has appeared in a range of magazines and journals, such as the Boston Review, Crowd, Lungfull!, and Denver Quarterly. He lives in Washington, DC.

Check out some work here:

What: Creative Writing Reading Series at CU-Boulder: Travis Nichols.
Where: CU-Boulder, Norlin Library on the fifth floor in the Center for British and Irish Studies
When: Friday, December 6th, at 5pm

The Heretical Archive: Digital Memory at the End of Film

Counterpath will host filmmaker and scholar Domietta Torlasco for a talk and presentation from her recently released book “The Heretical Archive: Digital Memory at the End of Film” (University of Minnesota Press, 2013). Torlasco will present on her work— “part philosophical reflection, part manifesto”—and also screen her short film “Antigone’s Noir.”

“Antigone’s Noir” (U.S., 2008-09, 25 min., digital video) is composed of three interlocked episodes (Lenox, Effie and Judy Barton) that look back at classic film noir. Each episode envisions—with the help of scenes shot in contemporary settings, documentary photographs and footage from public archives—what might have happened before a film started or after it ended. Relationships between protagonists and marginal figures, between male and female characters, are shifted, creating irreverent configurations of memory and desire that reach beyond the archetypes of the femme fatale and the innocent woman.

Torlasco’s book, “The Heretical Archive,” examines the relationship between memory and creation in contemporary films and installations that use digital technology while simultaneously appropriating analog materials. Domietta Torlasco argues that these digital and multimedia artworks radically transform our memory of cinema and our understanding of the archive. Connecting psychoanlysis, phenomenology, and feminist theory in innovative ways, Torlasco analyzes cutting-edge digital works that engage with the past of European cinema and visual culture. She claims that if the archives of psychoanlaysis and cinema have long privileged the lineage that runs from Oedipus to Freud, the archives of the digital age—the “heretical archive”—can help us imagine an unruly, porous, multifaceted legacy, one in which marginal figures return to speak of lost life as much as of life that demands to be lived.
Domietta Torlasco is associate professor of French and Italian and comparative literary studies at Northwestern University. She is the author of “The Time of the Crime: Phenomenology, Psychoanalysis, Italian Film.”

What: The Heretical Archive: Digital Memory at the End of Film
Where: Counterpath, 613 22nd St., Denver, Colorado 80205
When: Friday, December 6th, at 7pm

Saturday, December 7th, 2013

Semicolon Reading at Innisfree

Semicolon is a Naropa University student group whose mission is to provide a unique open space for all Naropa artists and writers to self-publish through community-based learning. This student-run publication hand-makes books and publishes poetry, prose, visual arts, and hybrid work. Semicolon publishes work from the Naropa student body at-large in order to provide an open and supportive community space on paper. It is part of Semicolon’s mission to make available the means and techniques of self-publishing to the student body at large.

What: Semicolon Reading at Innisfree
Where: Innisfree 1203 13th Street Suite A, Boulder, Colorado 80302
When: Saturday, December 7th, 7pm

Bad Shadow Affair: Nichols, Dungy & Roxanne
Camille Dungy is author of Smith Blue (Southern Illinois University Press, 2011), winner of the 2010 Crab Orchard Open Book Prize, Suck on the Marrow (Red Hen Press, 2010), and What to Eat, What to Drink, What to Leave for Poison (Red Hen Press, 2006). Dungy is editor of Black Nature: Four Centuries of African American Nature Poetry (UGA, 2009), co-editor of From the Fishouse: An Anthology of Poems that Sing, Rhyme, Resound, Syncopate, Alliterate, and Just Plain Sound Great (Persea, 2009), and assistant editor of Gathering Ground: A Reader Celebrating Cave Canem’s First Decade (University of Michigan Press, 2006). She is a Professor in the English Department at Colorado State University.

Travis Nichols is the author of the poetry collections Iowa (Letter Machine Editions) and See Me Improving (Copper Canyon Press), along with the novels Off We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder and the recent The More You Ignore Me (Coffee House Press). From 2008-2012 he was an editor at the Poetry Foundation. In 2006, he was tour manager for the Wave Books Poetry Bus Tour. He now works as a media officer at Greenpeace in Washington D.C.
Tiara Roxanne writes. She obsesses over things like infrastructure and language. She was the recipient of the Zora Neale Hurston Award at Naropa University where she teaches and attends graduate school. She was featured in CA Conrad’s Jupiter 88 and has been published in a myriad of hipster poet writer zines throughout Colorado.

What: Bad Shadow Affair: Nichols, Dungy & Roxanne
Where: Lost Lake Lounge 3602 E. Colfax, Denver
When: Sat, December 7th, 7pm – 9pm