Something on Paper: Call for Submissions!

Something on Paper, JKS’ new online poetics journal, is seeking critical theses for our upcoming issues. Submissions should be fully realized and revised, unpublished critical work written while attending JKS: 15-30 pages, MLA or CHICAGO style, in a Word.doc file.

We recommend reading Something on Paper to acquaint yourself with the style and scope of the journal. Your cover letter should include a short bio (100 words) and your email address. Send submissions to by February 1, 2014. Please see our submissions page for more information; please note: the MFA/BA thesis does not need to adhere to the mapping theme of Issue #2.

Thank you for considering submitting your work. If selected, your critical discourse would engage with an online community of poets and writers, and you would have the opportunity to have your text read by hundreds of readers. Get your ideas out to the world!

Best of luck,


Michelle Naka Pierce and J’Lyn Chapman

Editors, Something on Paper