Forthcoming Collection of Sanskrit Poetry from JKS Faculty Andrew Schelling


MANOA Journal’s 2013 volume, Bright as an Autumn Moon: Fifty Poems from the Sanskrit, features Sanskrit verses composed from the fourth to the twelfth centuries. Translated into contemporary English by American poet Andrew Schelling, these poems illuminate the ardent worship by lovers of their beloved—both human and divine.

Each translation is accompanied by the Sanskrit original, transliteration, glossary, and commentary.

Andrew Schelling has written, edited, or translated twenty books. He studied Sanskrit at the University of California at Berkeley and began to translate from its classical poetry tradition around 1978. His first book, Dropping the Bow: Poems of Ancient India, received the Academy of American Poets translation award in 1992, the first time the Academy had honored work done from an Asian language. He has edited The Oxford Anthology of Bhakti Literature and Love and the Turning Seasons: India’s Poetry of Spiritual and Erotic Longing (Counterpoint Press, forthcoming). He teaches at Naropa University in Colorado and at Deer Park Institute in India’s Himalayan foothills.


Praise for Andrew Schelling’s other work:

The Cane Groves of Narmada River: Erotic Poems from Old India is a brilliant selection of refined, provocative, shivery-lovely poems . . . What a gem of a book! It’s the best gathering of Indian short poems yet.”—Gary Snyder

“Refined, intense, wise, stirring, immediate, subtle, all the charmed qualities gather in Dropping the Bow: Poems of Ancient India. These translations are precious jewels. Like the erotic moods they investigate, these versions shimmer and startle with a palpable desire to be heard and a mystical sense of impermanence.”—Ann Waldman