JKS MFA Candidate Tiara Roxanne Accepted to EGS Ph.D. Program!

The European Graduate School (EGS) is an accredited graduate and postgraduate degree-granting university with two divisions: Arts, Health and Society and Media and Communication. The European Graduate School offers a uniquely dynamic academic setting that allows a creative encounter with the foremost representatives and thinkers of expressive arts (coaching, consulting, education, social change, and therapy) and media and communication (architecture, art, contemporary philosophy, cultural studies, digital design, film, literary theory, literature, media studies, performance art, photography, and video).


Tiara Roxanne writes prose and poetry and engages in theory and philosophy. She obsesses over things like infrastructure and language with the interest in a discourse of somatic psychology and soundscapes, in water. She was the recipient of the Zora Neale Hurston Award at Naropa University where attends graduate school. She was featured in CA Conrad’s Jupiter 88 and has been published in a myriad of hipster poet writer zines throughout the US.