(W)rites of Passage

Celtic calendar

(W)rites of Passage is a seasonally themed and inspired creative writing workshop for writers, artists, and anyone looking for healing through artistic expression. Organized by the four seasons of the year, each six-week session is timed to coincide with Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Workshop leaders Julieanne Combest and Sarah Schantz act as writing midwives by providing a safe space for the birthing that is involved in all creative and healing processes.  A series of unique prompts used in the workshops will help open both seasoned writers and novices: We will employ creative exercises including Jungian-writing journeys, Surrealist/Dadaist games, treasure hunts, divination, visualization, mapping, writing the body, and collage.

Expect to dig deep–to wrap your hands around          

your own roots.            

Expect to be inspired; wild magic happens in           

collective writing space.                

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sarahSarah Elizabeth Schantz is a fiction writer living on the outskirts of Boulder, Colorado,. In 2011, she won first place for a fiction contest hosted by Third Coast, in 2012 she was the recipient of the Fall Orlando Prize in Short Fiction hosted by A Room of Her Own, as well as winning the flash fiction prize (Monkey Puzzle Press) and first place for the competition ran by the feminist press, Saturday’s Child. She was nominated for a Pushcart Prize and Best New Stories in the Midwest, and was selected for inclusion for the anthology for the latter (forthcoming). Her work has appeared in several journals and magazines, including but not limited to: The Los Angeles Review, Bombay Gin, Alligator Juniper, Birkensnake 6 (Thing Theory), The Adirondack Review, and Modern Grimmoire: A Contemporary Anthology of Fairy Tales, Fables & Folklore. Her first novel, Fig, is scheduled for release in the Spring or Summer of 2015 (Simon & Schuster/McElderry Imprint), and she just finished the first draft of her second book, Roadside Altars which uses the major arcana cards from the Tarot as the structure and story line. She collects blue willow, Edwardian nightgowns, brass swans, owl figures, Lotus slippers, and old dolls. On full moons, you can find her traipsing through the silver light.

JulieanneJulieanne Combest is an experimental writer living in quaint Old Town Lafayette, CO.  She recently graduated with a Master’s degree from  Naropa’s Jack Kerouac School for Disembodied Poetics.  In 2012,  Julieanne moved from land-locked Colorado to an island just south of the equator to write with the whales.  While writing her Master’s thesis about mysticism, excess, and desire, she also finished her first book, For Slake–a genre-bending memoir-turned-fairy tale.  Her work has appeared in literary journals such as Bombay Gin, Periodic, and Gesture.  Julieanne is studying for certification as a doula with Birth Arts International, and aspires to work as a midwife and healer.  She loves camp-fire smells left on clothing for days, humpback whales, collage art, and creative ritual.