Bhanu Kapil announces a COMPETITION!


Bhanu Kapil announces a COMPETITION to win her extra copy of The Queer Art of Failure by Judith [Jack] Halberstam, accidentally ordered in duplicate.  It is still covered with cellophane.  Send an email documenting a failed project or text produced during your time [thus far] at The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics.  How did you fail in ways that made your: resulting work: more vulnerable, less “relentlessly real?” [To paraphrase Elizabeth Grosz: because we can: we can paraphrase, compete and perform with an audience capable of interrupting us: because we want: as many failed drafts as possible — why?]  Well, that’s it.  The most interesting, the most vulnerable: failure — a la Halberstam: will receive THIS PRIZE.  The judges are: Laura Ann Samuelson, curator of the forthcoming FAILURE festival, and some other mystery judges I haven’t asked yet.  These people are less judges than rogue consultants, as I imagine it is going to be quite challenging to come up with a rubric for how well someone has failed.


Please submit an account of your failure, with accompanying products/evidence to: [or drop them off at Bhanu Kapil’s pidgeon hole at Chestnut House.]  Competition is open to current students of the Jack Kerouac School, both undergraduate and graduate.  The prize will be awarded at a semi-public ceremony during the forthcoming QUEER POETICS symposium in March.