Mystic Winter: A Creative Writing Workshop

[brought to you by (W)rites of Passage]

A Six-Week Course Meeting on Saturdays from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm

(February 8th thru  March 22nd 2014)

mystic winter

Mystic Winter is the latest workshop in the seasonally inspired (W)rites of Passage workshop series; workshop leaders, Julieanne Combest and Sarah Elizabeth Schantz, serve as writing midwives by providing a safe space for the birthing involved in all creative healing processes. A series of unique prompts will be employed each week to open both seasoned writers and novices. Calling upon the mid-winter themes of hearth and home, divination, initiation, burial, and rebirth, we will use Jungian writing journeys, nature walks, collage work, Surrealist/Dadaist games, treasure hunts, mapping, writing the body, visualization exercises, and ritual to enter the text that is our/your story.

The workshop may be paid for as a full six-week course or per class; the full six-week course includes a critique of up to 10 pages of creative work by both instructors and is discounted at $300.00 while individual classes are $75.00 each (limited scholarships are available).

Please visit our website for more details and to register at:


Workshops will be held in East Boulder and include complimentary tea and light snacks