Fact-Simile Press, run by JKS Alumni Travis and JenMarie Macdonald, have published the likes of Frank Sherlock and Brian Teare — but have done so by reconstructing the way we interact with (and appreciate) the text itself. Fact-Simile also produces a wonderful bi-annnual literary journal. Did we mention their Poetry Trading Cards? Travis and JenMarie met over Guinness and they’ve been making books together since. Alex Grover interviews.  

What is Fact-Simile (for those that don’t know and haven’t the ability to go right to your website and find out)?

Fact-Simile is a small independent publisher of mostly handmade books and book-objects, poetry trading cards and an annual 8.5 x 11 magazine. We strive to expand the physical definitions of literature while using only recycled, upcycled and/or reclaimed materials.

We all understand the importance of being eco-friendly in our businesses, products, and, in general, as a culture. What specifically drove you to use recycled materials for your books and “book-objects”?

Aesthetics first and foremost. Necessity second (see answer #3 below). We live in a culture where “the new” is compulsively praised and pursued. This value system turns everything to waste in order to keep the profit engines turning. But the plain truth is that everything is made from something else. We just believe that something else should be evident and alive and not processed beyond recognition. It is this texture inherent in the act of re-invention that informs our aesthetic. Being bookmakers and lovers of book arts, we are also attracted to palimpsest and the way in which building books from recycled material enacts this.

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