Thinking Its Presence


JKS students Amanda [Ngoho] Reavey, Sarah Richards Graba, Ellie Swensson, and Ella Longpre will present on the panel “Naropa & Engaging Urgency: Articulation of the Polysemous Self”at the conference”THINKING ITS PRESENCE: RACE AND CREATIVE WRITING” hosted by the University of Montana in April. JKS director Michelle Naka Pierce will moderate the panel.

The conference will examine innovative creative writing and scholarship that rethinks the complex, inseparable links between literary forms and the racialized thinking, processes, and histories that have shaped this country since its founding. The title of this inaugural conference comes from scholar Dorothy Wang’s forthcoming book Thinking Its Presence: Form, Race, and Subjectivity in Contemporary Asian American Poetry (Stanford University Press, 2013). Wang’s book makes the larger case “that aesthetic forms are inseparable from social, political, and historical contexts when it comes to the writing and reception of poetry.”

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