Weekend Warrior 2/14/2014

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From Michelle Naka Pierce’s Writers in Community course:

Prompt by Katie Dyer, MFA candidate at Jack Kerouac School.

Think a loss, of any size.  Look at the stages of grief on the Kubler-Ross map.  Re-label these stages based on moments of change – about how you or your character moved through the loss.  Use each label as a starting point to write from.  You can continue to write about the original subject of loss or whatever comes to mind.


Leslie Scalapino writes, “writing can be a state that is seen entirely at once” (Scalapino 207).  And, Melissa Buzzeo’s writes (From Want And Sound), “I opened my mouth, I rushed toward story.  As you are incomparable” (Buzzeo 59).  In an attempt to tell the untellable story rush toward the image you want to put on the page.  Sometimes when you eat your story the past is broken down into fragments.  Events, images, and sensations are chewed up and intermingle with the present of yourself as well as the present of culture and society.  Feel free to ‘mess around’ with the order of your work.

Happy writing!