Celebratory Notes from The Triplicate Grid — (Bhanu Kapil)

How do “thinking, writing and being” flow outwards from an institution — like indigo ink released — from a node on the grid?  I think it is about pressing the grid, or maybe there are three grids at once: that exert: a pressure.  Upon the layers below.   Lisa Robertson, in her visit last week, reminded us to pay attention — to the “irregularity” — the part of elliptical movement that is divergent, messy, compounded and already in the process of unravelling.  I would like to present a little bit of flow, a little bit of what: continues to flourish — diverge and glitch: in ways that exceed the scope — of trainings and first drafts, and yet depend upon them too:

1.  Not so, sea by Mg Roberts, an alumnus of, most recently, WRITING THE EVENT, a Summer Writing Program seminar that I co-taught with Andrea Spain and which, on a side note, appears  — the class — as an imaginary class plan — in Bombay Gin’s most current edition.  Okay, in big news, prepare yourselves, I am the publisher of DURGA PRESS, the press that has put out:  Mg’s book!  In 2009, Durga Press also published Brendan Hamilton’s Jerusalem Plank Road, a book of poetry set during the Petersburg campaign of the Civil War.  Brendan was an alumnus of the MFA program here at the Jack Kerouac School.   Brendan, if you are reading this, maybe we can re-launch your book with Mg’s — as the press has grown up a bit and has ISBN numbers and distribution from Small Press Distribution.  Mg herself has agreed to be a managing director, and is at present a member of Kelsey Street Press in Berkeley, where she most recently put together KSP’s first critical anthology (essays on contemporary Asian American writers).  I wanted to publish Mg’s work because — she writes — into — what Lisa Robertson* called — the seam.  “Everything is the seam,” said Lisa, at  7.45 p.m. on February 10th, 2014.  I like the seams best when the body is its: *”implicated other.”  At all times.  As it is.  In these beautiful poems.  That are never poems.  I have yet to sit down and properly re-read these practical notes on arrival [non-arrival.] Alcove report forthcoming.  See: below.


2.  Once, in another era, Lucas de Lima came to Naropa to take a class called ART IS OF THE ANIMAL.  The extraordinary Erin Morrill supported the unfolding of that class.  Her own chapbook is about to: appear.  I will document that chapbook when it is in my paws.  I will fever dream that chapbook.  Perhaps I can just say here that one of my favorite presses ever is Trafficker, which Erin puts out in Bay-NYC with Andrew Kenower.   I am currently reading Iran Documents by Marianne Morris.  Back to Lucas.  His book, Wet Land, has just appeared from the brilliant Action Books and…it is pretty stunning.  In his beautiful work, the fragment is not an activity of form.  It’s an activity of evisceration.  I love this book so much that I am drawing it out, delaying reading it, as much as possible, as I once did with Helene Cixous’s Rootprints.  My apologies.  I can’t write Helene properly in WordPress.  This is my alcove this morning, reading Lucas’s gorgeous book; behind it is an image of MahaKala, loaned to me by SUN student center at the end of Sycamore, for psychic support during the writing of my own book, Ban.  Who cares about Ban right now?  I just want the Orange Sun and the Gator and Ana Maria’s emails:


Lucas will be here for the Queer Poetics symposium at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics in March.  You should come.  It is free.  It is, in advance, going to make you stop writing what you thought you wanted to write.  Okay, now I am going to have to buy kit kats en masse in case that is not true.  Please see me if you need a kit kat, but I have a feeling that I will be well-stocked in advance for Halloween.

3.   Naeem Mohaiemen  contacted me about an installation, SCHIZOPHRENE 2014, now up at the Dhaka Art Summit in Bangladesh.   The title is taken from my last book of the same name: Schizophrene.  (Nightboat Books, 2011 and 2012.)  Naeem has spliced text from Schizophrene with border images of all kinds.   This is the email I received from him two weeks ago, which contains, also the link to his site.  [No, I edited it out — as Naeem and I have not met and he might be freaked out, understandably so, to see his email here on rampant JKS blog.] Who is Naeem?  All we know is that Naeem is doing a PhD in cultural anthropology at Columbia in New York.


This is a photograph of Bengali Harlem that appears above an essay Naeem wrote for Asian American Writer’s Workshop: http://aaww.org/the-skin-vivek-bald/


Okay, those are my three nodes.  I realize each one is a blurry immigrant** node of some kind, which I did not intend.  My next post will be on Charles Dickens’ Dombey and Sons, which I once read in a New Delhi monsoon.  Okay, I stopped reading after page 32.  But I have resumed reading now.

**Phillipines (Mg), Brazil (Lucas), Bangladesh (Naeem).