Weekend Warrior 2/21/2014

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Prompt submitted to JKS by H.J VandeRiet

This week, take a look through your family history. Ask your relatives, read old journals, find a genealogy website if that’s helpful. Find out what your family is known for.

Consider where you come from. How does where you’re from affect where you’re going? What does it say about you? If your ancestors were famous for something, how did that impact the world? Did they make a difference? How can knowing where your lineage lie help inform your writing today?

Ask yourself what it means to have a heritage. Think about heirlooms, and whether people consider them important today. Does heritage have the same weight for you that it had for your parents? Your grand-parents? Your great-grandparents?

Write a creative biography about your ancestors or a family member. Be sure to play with form and content.