ASK: Alumni Sharing Knowledge

Alumni Relations and Career and Community Engagement are launching a new program this spring: ASK: Alumni Sharing Knowledge. Our goal is to provide free webinars facilitated by Naropa University alumni for the Naropa community. This is an opportunity to share the powerful expertise in the alumni community with Naropa alumni, students, staff, faculty and guests, online so anyone can access from anywhere! These 45 minute webinars are focused on professional and personal development, for the Naropa community, from alumni.

What: Jessica Hagemann, MFA ’12, presenting: “New Grads: How to Make Ends Meet until the Big $”

When: Thursday, May 29, 12 p.m. MST
Congratulations! You’ve just graduated with a university degree. You’re smart, well-qualified, and eager to put your hard-earned skills to the test. Now what? As a recent (2012) Naropa graduate myself, I, too, am still finding my way in the world. I currently work two different jobs, and run an entrepreneurial business on Etsy. I do all of this to fund my true passion: writing.

Until you sell that first book to Random House, or get a tenure track position that actually wants to pay you what you’re worth, how can you make the most of the skills you have NOW?
In this webinar, together we’ll explore:

• Tips for multitasking life

• How to stay motivated

• How to work three jobs and STILL find time to write (or paint, or sew, or whatever your passion is)

• How to find out what that passion is in the first place

• And some initial baby steps to take toward achieving your dreams as a new graduate

New grad? Young grad? You have a lot of great ideas; let’s start to focus those ideas and make something happen!


Jess Hagemann received her MFA in Writing & Poetics from Naropa University. She works as a Collections Specialist for the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, and teaches writing at Benedictine University-Springfield. You may snag her sweet gear at