New Book from JKS Alumn Sean Callender!


Everyone Is a Crowd magnifies the common understanding of human interaction. It is the innate psychosis behind our every breath, the whisper that goes unsaid but which drives our most intimate connections. Sean Callender offers a vulnerable and accurate account of being human in life’s expanding conversation.

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Here’s what’s being said about Everyone Is a Crowd:

“When we look into the mirror, we can’t help but wonder, ‘Who is that person?’ Sean Callender examines the complex divides of the personality, where ‘we have the reflection, and every reflection creates a dynamic between the image and the mirror and the real.’ His poetry distinguishes itself as honest and brave in circumstances that will never offer a definitive answer to the most pressing questions. These moving and thoughtful poems keep asking the hard questions . . . steadily ‘shaping reality into what it deserves.'”

– Elizabeth Robinson, author of On Ghosts

Everyone Is a Crowd offers an unambiguous view from an enigmatic perspective. A pariah of prose lurking beyond the tree line of poetry; Sean’s story is told in shards. Bouncing between the mind’s eye and the visual cortex, it seems to reflect a discovery of true inspiration from despair, a struggle to find clarity in the mirror.”

– Dylan Fisher

Available from Monkey Puzzle Press.