Film Debut of the Boulder Tattoo Project

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The Boulder Tattoo Project is celebrating its final phase this April 2nd at the Boulder Theater by featuring the release of the final film and secret image reveal.  The Boulder Tattoo Project began last spring (2013) as a request for Boulder residents to become a part of a living artwork, which celebrates community and love of Boulder.  Over 200 participants share words and phrases from a commissioned love poem to Boulder, written by poet Anne Waldman, permanently on their bodies.  The entirety of the poem has been tattooed, in words and phrases, captured in portrait photography sessions, and will be revealed in the final film, as a culmination of the work.  Gregory Alan Isakov has created an original sound score, which accompanies the final film.  Each tattoo has a star design as background imagery.  These stars have been used to create a secret image, which represents Boulder in a unique way.  The revealing of this secret image will also take place at this event.


The Boulder Tattoo Project ( was created as a companion artwork to the Lexington Tattoo Project ( Though the two projects are unique, both are attachment artworks created by Kurt Gohde and Kremena Todorova of Lexington, KY as a way to celebrate pride-of-place and love for the cities we call home.

Chelsea Pohl, Local Visioneer and Project Manager for the Boulder Tattoo Project, is in charge of all on-the-ground decisions, social networking, and logistics. She is working individually and with Kurt and Kremena to raise the funds needed to cover the costs of this artwork.

Kurt and Kremena have designed both the secret background image and the individual tattoos for the Boulder Tattoo Project.

The event will take place at the Boulder Theater after the Boulder Chamber’s Celebration of Leadership awards ceremony.  The Boulder Chamber has generously donated time after their event to Boulder Arts Week as a way to support the arts in Boulder.  Several other artists and performers will be featured in this showcase.  The event is deemed to take place between 7:30-9:30 and will have a $10 donation at the door, which goes to support Boulder Arts Week 2015.

All tattoos for the Boulder Tattoo Project were made free to participants thanks to the generous sponsorship of a number of Boulder- and Lexington-based individuals, businesses, and organizations. The Knight Foundation and the Community Foundation at Boulder County are the lead sponsors of the Boulder Tattoo Project.