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Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics is looking for an Assistant or Associate Professor – Creative Writing and Poetics!

Minimum Qualifications:
* MFA or PhD in Creative Writing or Literature.
* College-level teaching in creative writing and literary studies.
* One published book of innovative prose.
* Experience in teaching diverse innovative fiction, creative nonfiction, literature, and poetics.
* Computer skills, including Microsoft Office.
* Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
* An understanding of the dynamics of privilege and oppression, and the impact these have on equity, access, and opportunity in higher education/the workplace.
* Commitment to co-create an inclusive community and actively participate in related professional development, including openness to feedback and ongoing self-examination.


Honoring Bill Berkson

Bill Berkson 1939-2016

Bill Berkson passed away yesterday morning, June 16th 2016. He was born August 30, 1939. He was 76 years old. His bibliography of printed work surpasses his age and there are many honorariums under his name from 1959 to 2010. His work has been translated into French, Russian, Hungarian, Dutch, Czechoslovakian, Romanian, Italian, German and Spanish. He is a beloved aspect of the Kerouac School where he was a regular lecturing guest. As we feel the first ripples of his passing, we would like to share his poem,

Clearing the Air:

Simply that you say one thing or another
might give one pause to contradict,
but making it so doesn’t denote your purpose.

You are a lamb, a hayrick, a hat trick, an abutment,
something like an old cartoon, or something that carries
mixed things over unmixed roads–I like that,

I see the way the weight’s set down,
or lots of them, each equal to the other,
and each just as carefully too.

The land sprawls any which way, the buildings sidle,
warp, and that’s useful, good–it keeps them up.
Haven’t you seen how solidity’s a kind of unleashing

of self-containment, pure interaction, and each distance covered
pure, purposeful on the surface? You say: Surely one thing denies its opposite? But this

is an abyss. Knowing, caring, pleasing:
these things exist (what a trio to posses!)
and it is more than you or I can do to argue otherwise.

Issue 3 of Something on Paper

In celebration of National Poetry Month, the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics presents Something on Paper, an online literary / multimedia poetics journal.

The third issue has dropped and features lectures by Lisa Jarnot and Dorothy Wang; interviews with Kevin Killian and Laura McCullough; a round table discussion on Sewing is Writing is Body is Sewing with Elena Berriolo, Jan Johnson, Jill Magi, and Rachel May; investigations by Teresa Carmody, Jill Darling, Richard Froude, Miranda Mellis, Jai Arun Ravine, Andrea Rexilius, and Matt Wedlock; as well as cover art by Liz Acosta. And so much more!

Please visit the site today!

The Sage by Liz Acosta
Much appreciation to our editorial board and the innumerable JKS / Naropa students, faculty, staff, and alumni, who contributed reviews, articles, interviews, transcriptions, tech support, event support, website design, video recording and closed captioning, etc.

Thank you for supporting the journal!

Kerouac School at AWP

Kerouac School Faculty and Staff are currently at this year’s Association of Writers & Writing Programs Conference in Los Angeles. You can meet them at table 228.

AWP is now the largest literary conference in the country. Learn more about the conference and all it has to offer here:

The Lune feat. Anne Waldman

The Lune is proud to announce issue No. 10 featuring Anne Waldman’s Dream Book of Fez, a musical genome, the architecture of a landscape between language and beyond it. In the photopoetic distance between the tomb and womb of Waldman’s “invisible family” we brush up against the fabric of unconsciousness and hear the spectral voice of Jean Genet say: “dreaming is nursed in darkness.” Dream Book of Fez offers “gateways to power going both ways” while reaching for the “impossibly verbal” overlap of cultures. Waldman holds us in language as poet and mother; we return to Earth by her “mystical time,” slowly bound and bonded by love. Read kerouac School professor Serena Chopra‘s transcendent comment here.

Cover art: “Anne Waldman” by Indigo Deany.


Since its inception in January 2015, The Lune has published short new collections (monthly) by some of Boulder & Naropa’s most clear-sighted & compassionate poets, including Reed Bye, Jack Collom, Laura Cesarco Eglin, Ella Longpre, and Marielle Grenade-Willis (the list goes on). We are grateful for the experimental ethos of the Front Range community, and devoted to the accessibility and proliferation of mindful poetics therein.  Every month, The Lune opens a number of related spaces (in-print and online) for contemporary thought, including the feature collection, “letters to the moon,” commentary, and essayism. We strongly encourage & appreciate submissions from the Naropa/JKS community (see details here). Upcoming issue, letter, commentary, and essay contributors include Joanna Ruocco, Eric Raanan Fischman, Selah Saterstrom, Brittany Weeks, Stephen Sanders, and more.

Feel free to write to The Lune‘s Joseph Braun anytime:

This Friday: An Evening with Anne Waldman



Naropa University and Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics are honored to host Anne Waldman on Friday, February 26, 2016 on the Naropa University Arapahoe Campus in the Performing Art Center, 2130 Arapahoe Avenue, Boulder, CO at 7:30 p.m.  Anne Waldman is a poet, performer, professor, curator, and co-founder with Allen Ginsberg of the Jack Kerouac School at Naropa University, where she has worked for 40 years. Please join us for an evening of poetry and dialogue.  Admission is free.

Author of more than 40 publications of poetry, Anne Waldman’s most recent books include Voice’s Daughter of a Heart Yet To Be Born, (Coffee House Press, 2016), CROSS WORLDS:  Transcultural Poetics (Coffee House Press, 2014), Gossamurmur (Penguin Poets, 2013), and the author of JAGUAR POETICS (Post-Apollo Press) and the JAGUAR POETICS CD, produced by Fast Speaking Music which features musicians: Ha-Yang KIm, Devin Brahja Waldman, Daniel Carter and Ambrose Bye. Waldman is an internationally recognized performer of her own work, and has had recent travels to Finland, Berlin, Casablanca, Tangiers, Paris, Geneva for conferences and festivals. She is a recipient of the Shelley Memorial Award for Poetry and has been deemed a “counter-cultural giant” by Publisher’s Weekly. She is a Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets and recipient of the 2013 Guggenheim Fellowship.

For more information please contact Charmain Schuh at or call 303-245-4637.

Naropa University welcomes participants with disabilities. Please contact Charmain Schuh at or 303.245.4637 to inquire about any accessibility and disability accommodations needed to fully participate in this event.

Kerouac School Hosts Allen Ginsberg Visiting Fellow Hoa Nguyen

Allen Ginsberg Visiting Fellow Hoa Nguyen


Naropa University is excited to host a lecture and reading by Allen Ginsberg Visiting Fellow Hoa Nguyen on Monday, February 8, 2016. This event will take place at 7:30 in the Performance Art Center (PAC) on the Arapahoe Campus, 2130 Arapahoe Boulder, CO.  Reception following in the Sycamore Conference Room.

Nguyen’s poetry is grounded and astonishing, simple and full of soft sound, and intensely wretched all at once. ​”I think I like poems that are a lot like living, tender and banal.” She has published four full-length books of poetry, including As Long As Trees LastRed Juice, Poems 1998-2008 and, also from Wave Books, Violet Energy Ingots (forthcoming in Fall 2016).

In 2002, Nguyen taught a class at Naropa’s Summer Writing Program called Lost Languages—“an attempt to write toward some never-had tongue. I sometimes think that is why I write poetry. Trying to conjure something barely available, seeking to retrieve it.” Born in Saigon, Nguyen feels a deep connection to the Vietnamese language, and feels it when she hears it as deeply as music, as history.

Nguyen currently teaches poetics at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario, where she lives. She also teaches in Miami University’s low residency MFA program and in the Milton Avery School for Fine Arts at Bard College. She can be found on the web at

For more information about this event, contact Charmain Schuh at or call 303-245-4637.

Naropa University welcomes participants with disabilities.  Persons with questions about accessibility or who require disability accommodations should contact Matt Peterson at or 303-546-3549.